Programma, testi e obiettivi
Access to further study
The title grants access to all 2nd cycle degree programmes (Postgraduate and 1st level Masters) in accordance with the requirements established by the respective regulations.
Professional status
The background given to the graduate allows him to undertake a large number of work actiities, in particular as part of: - physics research and laboratory centers in public agencies or organizations- astronomy observatories- laboratories that use nuclear reactors for research- centers and labs that require competencies in the gathering and processing of data- health institutions requiring knowledge of imaging and radiation protection diagnostics- research centers in banks and insurance companies- institutions that require modeling skills in various fieldsMoreover, the degree gives the necessary preparation for future Master’s degrees, such as those indicated in the specific educational objectives, as well as for various first-level Master’s degrees.
Title conferred
First cycle degree/Bachelor in PHYSICS
Language(s) of instruction/examination